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Lirianos Vesting Option With Pirates Tied To DL - RealGM Wiretap

Francisco Liriano's contract with the Pirates includes an $8 million vesting option for 2014.


Liriano's option will vest at $6 million if he does not spend 120 days on the disabled list due to an injury to his right arm Cheap Jerseys Outlet , according to a copy of the deal.


Liriano would have gotten the full $8 million if he was not on the DL for 150 days, but the injury sidelined him until May 11.


The option will vest at $5 million if he does not spend 90 days on the DL due to the specific injury.



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Article From Article Directory Database Improving Concentration Improving Concentration March 15 , 2014 | Author: Franklin Skribbit | Posted in Education

The school year is half over and high school seniors are beginning to look forward to graduation, a summer of freedom and they are starting to fill out college applications. College freshmen, on the other hand are likely recovering from their first round of finals and the reality of college life is beginning to settle in.


Public Health


With all the national changes to health insurance and the medical industry as a whole, it is fair to say that the medical field and its associated markets are not going anywhere any time soon. Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants Cheap Soccer Jerseys China , surgeons and other specialists will always be in demand. In addition, the industry will always need administrators, leaders, and innovators in the field to help move the industry to ever better care for those who need it.




2. Greek Life = Party Life This myth has been made infamous by the movies and media. Images of togas and bottle blonde soon-to-be Stepford Wives dance through our heads when we think about fraternities and sororities. While the frat life may not be entirely untrue, the constant party is definitely a myth. Most Greek houses are founded and run on principles like academics, philanthropy Wholesale Soccer Jerseys , entrepreneurship, and service.


A simple idea that helps a person to acknowledge their issue with frequent lapses of concentration is to keep track of the number of times in a day in which they get distracted from what they are trying to accomplish. This does not mean take a tally of every time the mind wanders from thinking of long term goals, but rather of making note of each time the mind wanders from the task at hand.


4. Good grades mean non-stop studying and no social life.